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Overmedication, Physical, and Chemical Restraints

Dealing With Injuries Caused By Restraints and Overmedication

In some situations, nursing home residents can become difficult to handle. Whether they are experiencing some sort of medical symptoms or mental symptoms, they are often given medications and/or physically restrained in order to protect their health and safety. Unfortunately, these methods are often abused, leaving residents seriously injured or incapacitated.

At Ginsberg & Katsorhis, P.C., our Queens, New York, nursing home abuse lawyers use their over 45 years of combined legal experience to address situations of overmedication, physical restraint and chemical restraint in nursing homes. These cases can be disturbing and devastating for families, who have entrusted their loved ones to nursing homes and care facilities. We are committed to helping families take action against the negligent parties. Contact us online or call our offices toll-free at (718) 591-6900 for a free initial consultation today.


When a patient is overmedicated, he or she may become unresponsive, unconscious or sustain other serious injuries. Death may also occur, especially in situations when the overmedication is extremely excessive or of a particularly strong medication. Medications need to be carefully monitored and should not be used in order to control a patient unless warranted.

Chemical Restraints

When chemicals and medications are used to restrain patients, they are sometimes needed in order to help staff deal with a resident. However, they can also be used to keep residents in their beds, thus needing less help or attention from staff. This type of abuse is illegal and should never be tolerated.

Physical Restraints

To maintain a resident's safety, physical restraints may be needed. However, these can also leave physical scars that leave family members with questions. If the nursing home cannot provide adequate documentation of the reasons for needing the restraints — or of the restraints actually being used even though visible wounds exist — it may be grounds to file suit against the nursing home for negligence.

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