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"Reasonable care." Nothing in those words seems impossible or even difficult. Yet, many New York nursing homes and nursing home staff fail to meet this simple standard. These professionals fail to offer reasonable care to the residents entrusted to them. Unfortunately, substandard care is often unnoticeable, coming to light only when a nursing home resident shows obvious signs of neglect or abuse, such as bedsores/pressure sores.

At the law offices of Ginsberg & Katsorhis, P.C., our Queens nursing home negligence attorneys hold nursing homes and managed care facilities responsible for the injuries they cause. In some cases, the negligence is intentional and borders on criminal neglect.

Bedsores should never happen. If your loved one is the victim of bedsores, it is important that you consult a New York bedsores/pressure sore injury lawyer immediately. The system will not change until people stand up for their vulnerable adult family members. If you don't speak up, who will? Contact us (718) 591-6900 today.

State and Federal Law on Bedsores in Nursing Homes

Under federal law, nursing homes and long-term care facilities have a duty to prevent nursing home residents from developing bedsores unless a medical condition makes them unavoidable. Similarly, nursing homes must treat residents who have bedsores in a way that prevents infection and the development of new bedsores. New York's public health law increases the penalties for nursing homes that fail to give reasonable care to patients.

Our Queens nursing home negligence attorneys will use state and federal law to fight for compensation for your elderly family member's injuries. In cases where we can show that an intentional act (or intentional inaction) caused the bedsores/pressure sores, we may be able to hold the nursing home and/or caretakers criminally responsible for elderly abuse and neglect.

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