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Police Brutality

Former NYS Parkway Partrolman, Prosecutor and NYC Sheriff

Now Representing Victims of False Arrest and Police Brutality

Police brutality and false arrest can happen anytime, anywhere.

If your rights are violated, our law firm, Ginsberg & Katsorhis, P.C. will be ready and willing to represent you in any claim against a city or other municipal entity and we will swiftly, forcefully and knowledgeably bring action against the offending officers and institutions on your behalf.

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Hold Those Accountable for Police Brutality or False Arrest

Being arrested even though you have done nothing to warrant this is frightening, humiliating and can cause trauma for years to come. Being beaten by the very officials charged with upholding the law and keeping the citizenry safe is unconscionable-and it is also illegal.

Our lead attorney, Kerry J. Katsorhis, served as a NYC sheriff appointed by former Mayor Rudolph Giuiliani and a Queens County prosecutor for many years before entering private practice. He witnessed many cases involving allegations of police brutality or false arrest. He also saw that in many instances, nothing was done to address the wrongs suffered by the victims.

As a lawyer in private practice, Mr. Katsorhis has had considerable opportunity to successfully hold those accountable for the false arrest or police brutality imposed on his clients. In each instance, he seeks to recover the maximum amount of damages that is fair and just under the law.

Our law firm is firmly committed to upholding justice and act accordingly through ethical, knowledgeable and insightful practice of the law. We represent clients in Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn and beyond. Call us at (718) 591-6900. Contact us online.