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Violent Crimes

Unfairly Accused of Assault or Another Violent Crime?

A disagreement gets out of hand and blows are exchanged. A witness makes a mistaken identification. An alleged victim makes false allegations. It seems to happen every day and the result is that people are unfairly arrested and charged with a violent crime.

It is a common practice for prosecutors to overcharge in cases of violent crime, meaning that you may face charges that seem incredibly serious given the circumstances and the evidence against you. If have been charged with assault or another violent crime and you need a lawyer who will answer your questions honestly and help you understand all of your legal options, contact us.

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Attorneys at Ginsberg & Katsorhis have extensive experience in violent crime cases, having taken more than 500 cases to trial verdict. We know what it takes to win at trial and when it is time to negotiate a plea. We represent clients in the New York City area charged with a wide variety of violent crimes, including:

The right defense attorney should be able to clearly explain your legal circumstances and help you weigh all of your options in fighting the worst consequences of a conviction for a violent crime. You will find no judgment or condemnation at our offices in Plainview and Flushing, only real help based on years of experience. You can trust us to put all our skill and experience into the fight to protect your rights and your freedom.

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When you can't afford to put your future in the hands of an inexperienced defender or an associate at a big, impersonal firm, you can trust the team at Ginsberg & Katsorhis to fight for you. Call our offices in Queens toll-free at (718) 591-6900 to discuss your case in a free and confidential consultation with an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer. You may also contact us by e-mail now.

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