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DUI/DWI Charges

Attorneys Skilled at Overcoming DUI Charges

A DUI (DWI) charge must be handled with care. Your license, your job, even your future may be at stake. These stakes are high even if the only contact with the law you have ever had is hearing sirens from your window at night. With more than 38 years and a countless number of not-guilty verdicts under his belt, attorney Kerry J. Katsorhis can vigorously, knowledgeably and capably defend you against DUI, vehicular manslaughter or any other criminal charges.

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A drunk driving conviction means that your driver's license will be automatically suspended. Do not let this happen to you.

Wherever We Find Weakness in the Case, We Will Bring It to Light

When you retain our Flushing law firm, our first goal is to get the charges dismissed. We take a look at every single fact leading to your arrest:

  • Did the police provide a valid reason for pulling you over?
  • Were you given a blood alcohol test (BAC) within two hours of being pulled over?
  • Were the observations of the police officer during a field sobriety test too subjective?
  • Was the breath test equipment properly maintained at the time of your DUI arrest?
  • Did the police follow proper procedure every single step of the way?

If there were areas in which procedure or your rights were violated, we will bring these to light.

Community Leader Who Cares About Your Well-Being

If you have a problem with alcohol, we can refer you to the help that you need to end the behavior of getting behind the wheel drunk. This works for your benefit in any DUI case, especially second or third time DUI charges, because judges and prosecutors usually take your efforts into account.

If you are facing repeat offender DUI charges, you are facing an automatic year in jail if convicted. We make the prosecution do its work. They may have the strongest case in the world, but if they cannot prove it, then you will be found not guilty. That is our goal.

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