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Lemon Law

We have all heard horror stories about cars purchased from used car dealers that have died on the side of the road. Many people do not realize that New York State has strong lemon laws that force the dealer to do right by you. We represent both buyers and dealers in matters pertaining to lemon law disputes.

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Lemon law provides for specific warranties that car dealers must offer consumers. Whether your situation falls under the New York State used car or new car lemon laws, it is important to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in lemon law to understand your rights and make informed choices about protecting your rights.

Broad Experience in a Wide Range of Lemon Law Matters

Our law office represents both dealers and buyers in legal matters related to lemon law. Our attorney, Jeffrey Paul Brodsky, has focused primarily on legal issues involving defects, warranties, and other lemon law matters in New York State since 1990. We have an in-depth knowledge of lemon law and an ability to apply it to your unique situation to help obtain you a favorable result in your lemon law dispute.

  • With new car problems, we investigate with whose fault the problem lies. Is it the manufacturer? Is it a design defect?
  • With used car purchases, we investigate whether the used car did indeed promise far more than it delivered.

If you own or work for a car dealership, then you know that the legal system has set up lemon laws as a warranty for buyers. Buyers, however, must follow specific requirements to win under lemon law. We investigate the facts of the case with close attention to lemon law rules and regulations.

When you are involved in a dispute over a car, new or used, seek legal counsel sooner rather than later. We strive to help you resolve your lemon law issue with speed, thoroughness and peace of mind. Call a lawyer experienced in dealing with lemon law matters at Ginsberg & Katsorhis, P.C.: (718) 591-6900. Contact us online.