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Contract Disputes

Whenever two individuals form a contract or agreement, there is the potential for breach, or breaking, of that agreement. If you have a contract that has been breached, how you resolve it can affect your life, your business and your future financial stability. We can help ease some of the stress.

The law office of Ginsberg & Katsorhis, P.C. has been handling contract disputes and commercial litigation matters for more than two decades.

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We understand the stress that you may experience during a contract dispute and can help carry the legal burden while you continue with your life.

Solutions-Oriented Trial Lawyers for You

We encourage all clients to join us for a free initial consultation. We will sit down with you and listen carefully to the issues that you are facing and what led up to them. Based on our considerable years of experience, we will make suggestions about your legal options so that you can decide how to proceed forward in a practical, solution-focused manner that makes sense.

Our Clients Include:

Small business owners, including restaurant owners, nightclub owners and construction business owners such as:

  • Landlords, tenants and real estate concerns
  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Car purchasers
  • Car dealers

We take the tough cases and difficult situations. No matter how difficult your case may appear to others, if we believe we can help you, we will encourage you to retain our services. Our goal is to serve justice, while upholding the highest standards of the law.

We handle issues that are contested among individuals, business owners, partners and investors by:

  • Negotiating and settling contract disputes
  • Litigating contract disputes
  • Resolving existing contracts and obligations
  • Drafting settlement agreements
  • Resolving lease agreement disputes
  • Filing appeals

Our clients remain with us for decades, turning to us for all their legal needs. They know that we will not back down in an effort to protect your rights.

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