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New York’s nursing homes rank 45th in the country, study finds

Entrusting the care of an elderly family member to others can be a difficult decision to make, fraught with concern about their continued well-being. In many cases, however, relatives have little choice but to move their loved one into a nursing home in order to ensure he or she receives the care required. In every situation, those making the difficult decision must rely on the facility and its staff members to provide appropriate medical treatment and take care of the daily needs of their loved one.

Sadly, not all long-term care facilities are equipped to properly care for those in their care. According to a recent study conducted by Families for Better Care, nursing homes in many states fail to meet expectations. The survey reviewed information from nursing homes across the country and ultimately ranked each state based on a number of factors.

Among the factors considered were complaints made against the facilities, cited deficiencies and whether the nursing homes had appropriate staffing levels. Unfortunately, New York was one of the eleven states that received a failing grade from the researchers.

Why did New York's nursing homes score so poorly?

The nursing homes in New York received particularly bad scores in large part due to inadequate staffing levels. According to the report, just 39 percent of the long-term care facilities in the state have above average direct care staffing levels. In total, nursing home residents receive an average of just over 2.3 hours of direct care each day.

In addition, approximately 29 percent of the nursing homes in New York have above average RN staffing levels. On average, residents in long-term care facilities receive just 0.67 hours of care from an RN every day. When facilities are not adequately staffed, residents may not receive the medical treatment or daily care they require. Consequently, residents are more likely to suffer an injury - such as bedsores - as a result of neglect. In addition, residents may be able to wander off the property without being detected, which significantly increases the risk of an injury.

The report also found that over 90 percent of the nursing homes in New York have been cited for deficiencies, while almost 14 percent have received citations for severe deficiencies.

If your loved one is currently residing in a nursing home in New York and you suspect he or she has not been treated appropriately, you should be aware of your options. In such situations, seeking the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney will ensure your loved one's rights are protected.